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  • Jesse Lempiäinen

In the following analysis, we’ll delve into shooter PvP titles, showcasing their diversity through different perspectives and gameplay modes. From the intimate first-person view, highlighting the protagonist’s armed hand, to the broader third-person perspective showing the character in full, these games offer a variety of experiences. Furthermore, central themes include intense player-versus-player combat, unfolding in fast-paced, skill-centric battles across modes like Deathmatch and Capture The Flag. We’ll explore settings ranging from authentic military engagements to futuristic hi-tech warfare, consequently underlining the genre’s expansive thematic and stylistic range.

Key Selling Points

In an evolving mobile gaming landscape, standout titles captivate players through a blend of exceptional graphics, gameplay diversity, and innovative features. To clarify, here’s a snapshot of what makes each game a must-play:

PUBG Mobile:

  • Original mobile battle royale experience with high-intensity gameplay.
  • Variety of maps and modes for diverse gameplay experiences.
  • Smooth gunplay and realistic graphics tailored for mobile devices.
  • Extensive arsenal and customizable controls for an optimized experience.

New State Mobile:

  • Ultra-realistic graphics pushing the boundaries of mobile gaming.
  • Expansive battlegrounds with strategic elements like ziplines and super airdrops.
  • Subscription model offering monthly benefits for enhanced gameplay.

Call of Duty®: Warzone™ Mobile:

  • Classic Call of Duty® combat with up to 120 live players in iconic maps.
  • Unified technology for cross-platform play and social features.
  • High-quality graphics and optimized controls for mobile gameplay.

Farlight 84

  • Fast-paced hero battle royale with unique vehicles and dynamic combat.
  • Diverse hero skills beyond marksmanship for varied gameplay strategies.
  • Innovative in-game growth system rewarding shooting and collecting.

T3 Arena:

  • Quick, casual gunfights with an accessible auto-fire feature.
  • Wide variety of heroes and vibrant game modes for endless fun.
  • Built-in party system and voice chat for team-based play.

Sausage Man:

  • Cartoon-styled battle royale with sausages as protagonists offering lighthearted fun.
  • Imagination-filled battles with a variety of weapons and tactical gear.
  • Customizable appearances and emoticons for expressive gameplay.

Battle Prime:

  • Third-person shooter offering console-level graphics and immersive gameplay.
  • Variety of “Primes” with unique abilities for diverse combat styles.
  • Dynamic 6v6 battles with a focus on tactics and victory.


  • 5v5 top-down shooter emphasizing teamwork and tactics.
  • Real-life weapons and immersive locations for strategic gameplay.
  • Destructible environments and special modes for varied play experiences.

To summarize, common themes of high-quality graphics, diverse gameplay mechanics, and emphasis on tactical and strategic play stand out. Additionally, each game aims to provide an engaging and immersive experience tailored to mobile platforms. Innovations like cross-platform play, unique in-game features, and customizable characters and weapons are widely utlized. These key selling points cater to a wide range of player preferences. From intense battle royale action to lighthearted and imaginative combat, showcasing the evolving landscape of mobile gaming.

Icon analysis

ASO Breakdown: Shooter PvP titles - Geeklab (3)

The use of dark, muted colors forms a stark contrast with the white “Call of Duty” logo, maximizing brand recognition. The focus on a well-known character from the series embodies the game’s intense warfare and strategic play while leveraging the established reputation of the franchise for instant appeal.

ASO Breakdown: Shooter PvP titles - Geeklab (4)

The bright, vibrant color scheme sets it apart from traditional shooter games. Therefore it aligns with its Overwatch-like, hero-based gameplay set in a futuristic world. The icon effectively communicates the game’s emphasis on diverse hero skills and a future military theme. It subtly distances itself from the conventional shooter genre to pique the interest of players looking for variety in gameplay.

ASO Breakdown: Shooter PvP titles - Geeklab (5)

The icon emphasizes brand identity over thematic expression, with the minimalist design opting not to depict gameplay or game theme. This strategy strengthens brand recognition but may miss the chance to showcase unique game features or genre aspects, especially in ad placements and store discovery where the icon is the primary point of contact with potential players.

ASO Breakdown: Shooter PvP titles - Geeklab (6)

The classic PUBG icon, largely unchanged over time, plays heavily on brand visibility and recognition. The character’s gear is instantly identifiable to fans, reinforcing the game’s long-standing presence in the battle royale genre.

ASO Breakdown: Shooter PvP titles - Geeklab (7)

Featuring a helmet similar to PUBG’s style but paired with a distinctive yellow background, this icon captures attention and differentiates the game while maintaining a thematic connection to the familiar battle royale aesthetic.

ASO Breakdown: Shooter PvP titles - Geeklab (8)

This icon is an anomaly within the shooter genre, opting for a unique art style with bold outlines. The playful alteration of in-game characters for the icon’s art style enhances visibility and readability, offering a fresh visual take that stands out in the competitive market.

ASO Breakdown: Shooter PvP titles - Geeklab (9)

The yellow backdrop with a silhouetted helmeted figure offers a canvas for players to project themselves into the game’s persona. This design choice resonates with themes of customization and player identity within the game’s world.

ASO Breakdown: Shooter PvP titles - Geeklab (10)

The thug-like character donning a helmet set against a clear yellow background combines brand and thematic elements. This icon suggests a less conventional approach to the tactical shooter genre, potentially appealing to a broader, more casual audience.

Similarities Across Icons

  • A recurring theme within these shooter PvP titles, is the use of characters with obscured faces, inviting players to self-identify with the avatar, a common engagement strategy in games focused on personalization and immersion.
  • The prevalence of yellow backgrounds across several icons provides a consistent high-contrast backdrop that enhances the visibility of darker foreground characters, which is advantageous for standing out in app store listings.

Screenshots (Layout and Graphics)

ASO Breakdown: Shooter PvP titles - Geeklab (11)

This screenshot prioritizes immersive gameplay visuals over UI elements, emphasizing the cinematic quality and dynamic action the game is known for. The consistent branding with the logo enhances the game’s identity, and the small of taglines indicates a confidence in the game’s visual appeal to convey the experience.

ASO Breakdown: Shooter PvP titles - Geeklab (12)

The vibrant framing matches the game’s overall aesthetic, suggesting a fun and energetic gameplay environment. However, not featuring characters in the foreground may be a missed opportunity to showcase the diverse hero roster. The consistent layout framing the gameplay allows for clear focus on the action while providing space for additional visual elements.

ASO Breakdown: Shooter PvP titles - Geeklab (13)

By displaying direct gameplay without additional marketing elements, the focus is on the game’s action and the diversity of the character and gameplay options, thus giving players a transparent view of what to expect.

ASO Breakdown: Shooter PvP titles - Geeklab (14)

The layout cleverly integrates cropped gameplay within a decorative frame, utilizing the peripheral space to highlight events and updates. The emphasis on the game’s 6th-anniversary celebration adds a nostalgic element and reinforces the game’s enduring popularity.

ASO Breakdown: Shooter PvP titles - Geeklab (15)

The layout is utilized effectively with clean taglines and featured characters, enhancing readability and visual appeal. The smooth contrast at the bottom and strategic use of space allows the characters to be prominently displayed, aligning with the game’s futuristic theme.

ASO Breakdown: Shooter PvP titles - Geeklab (16)

The colorful and whimsical design distinguishes it from more traditional game visuals. With gameplay captured within a framed layout, the presence of characters in every screenshot and thick outlined taglines ensures immediate readability and reflects the game’s playful nature.

ASO Breakdown: Shooter PvP titles - Geeklab (17)

Direct in-game screenshots showcase the game’s UI, providing a realistic glimpse into the gameplay experience. The perspective from behind the character focuses on action and showcases the variety of available characters, directly communicating the game’s features to the player.

ASO Breakdown: Shooter PvP titles - Geeklab (18)

A bold tagline dominates a significant portion of the screenshot, consequently creating a strong visual statement. The full-screen action without UI elements suggests an unobstructed, intense gameplay experience, inviting players to focus on the in-game combat and strategy.

Similarities Across Screenshots

Each screenshot reflects the game’s core value propositions, whether it’s the realism and intensity of “Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile,” the unique hero skills in “Farlight 84,” or the whimsical fun of “Sausage Man.” The framing techniques, use of taglines, and visibility of gameplay elements are strategically designed to attract and engage potential players, showcasing the games’ most compelling features and updates.

Enhanced Opportunities

1. Logo and Text Clarity:

  • There is significant room for improvement in the clarity and visibility of logos when included in icons. Furthermore by enhancing the contrast or incorporating design elements that allow the logo to stand out distinctly from the background, readability can be substantially improved. This will ensure that the brand is instantly recognizable, even when the icon is viewed at smaller sizes on various devices.
ASO Breakdown: Shooter PvP titles - Geeklab (19)

2. Diversity in Character Representation:

  • Including female characters with helmets in icons can fill a noticeable gap and appeal to a wider audience, reflecting the diversity of the player base. This not only broadens the game’s appeal but also ensures inclusivity, allowing players of all demographics to feel represented.
ASO Breakdown: Shooter PvP titles - Geeklab (20)
ASO Breakdown: Shooter PvP titles - Geeklab (21)

Images above generated on Geeklab’s Iconlab

3. Character Showcase in Screenshots:

  • Introducing more characters within the screenshots can highlight the variety and depth of the game’s world, providing context for the social and competitive aspects of the game. By featuring a range of characters, developers can showcase the diversity of roles and playstyles available, which is critical for games with team-based dynamics or a wide roster of characters.

4. Fullscreen Screenshot Utilization:

  • Moving towards more fullscreen screenshots that integrate taglines and characters can create a more impactful visual narrative. Fullscreen imagery provides a cleaner, more immersive view of the game, and when combined with well-designed taglines and character visuals, it can convey the game’s premise and uniqueness more effectively. This approach also allows for a more cinematic and engaging preview of the game’s content, which can lead to higher conversion rates.

In conclusion, by implementing these opportunities, game developers and marketers can refine their ASO strategy to not only stand out in the crowded app marketplace but also to foster a deeper connection with their audience, thereby driving downloads and engagement.

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