Packing Guide: Meeting The Dietary Needs Of Beasts In Kenshi (2024)

Packing Guide: Meeting The Dietary Needs Of Beasts In Kenshi (1)

In the vast, inhospitable wasteland of Kenshi, survival is a constant struggle. As a lone wanderer, you must scavenge whatever resources you can find to keep yourself fed and alive. But what about your trusty beast companion? How can you ensure they are well-fed and healthy on your perilous journey? Fear not, for this packing guide will provide you with everything you need to meet the dietary needs of your beloved beasts in Kenshi. From foraging for wild plant-based foods to hunting for fresh meat, we will cover it all. So grab your backpack and join us on this wild adventure through the rugged lands of Kenshi, where the survival of both man and beast depends on your resourcefulness.

What You'll Learn

  • What kind of food do beasts in Kenshi eat?
  • Is there a specific diet or feeding routine for beasts in Kenshi?
  • Are there any unique treats or snacks specifically made for beasts in Kenshi?
  • Do different species of beasts have different dietary requirements in Kenshi?
  • How should players prepare and pack food for their beasts in Kenshi?

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What kind of food do beasts in Kenshi eat?

Packing Guide: Meeting The Dietary Needs Of Beasts In Kenshi (3)
Source: Kenshi Wiki - Fandom

In the vast and unforgiving world of Kenshi, where danger lurks around every corner, a crucial question arises: what kind of food do the beasts in Kenshi eat? Kenshi is a sandbox RPG game that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world filled with various factions and creatures. Understanding the dietary needs of the different beasts in Kenshi is essential for survival and domination.

First and foremost, it is important to note that there are a wide variety of beasts in Kenshi, each with its own unique characteristics and dietary preferences. From the fearsome and predatory beak things to the gentle and herbivorous bony goats, each creature has specific dietary requirements that must be met to ensure its contentment and well-being.

Some beasts in Kenshi are natural carnivores, hunting and feeding on other creatures for sustenance. These include the aforementioned beak things, as well as the ferocious and territorial gorillos. These carnivorous creatures require a diet rich in meat, preferably fresh and unspoiled. As a player, you can hunt down other animals such as bonedogs or goats to provide a steady supply of meat for your carnivorous beasts. However, it is worth noting that some carnivorous beasts, like beak things, have a large appetite and can consume vast amounts of meat in a short period, so be mindful of their food supply.

On the other hand, there are also herbivorous beasts in Kenshi that rely on a diet consisting mainly of plants and vegetation. These herbivores can be found grazing peacefully in the grasslands or the lush forests of Kenshi. The bony goats, for example, are docile herbivores that feed on grass, leaves, and other plant matter. It is important to provide them with ample grazing space and access to a variety of vegetation to satisfy their dietary needs. Planting crops such as wheat or cacti can serve as a sustainable food source for these herbivorous beasts.

In addition to meat and vegetation, there are also beasts in Kenshi that have more specialized dietary requirements. For example, the elder and elder phoenix, which are revered creatures in Kenshi, require a diet that includes high-quality ingredients such as meat and vegetables. These creatures possess incredible power and can act as powerful allies, but their dietary needs must be met for them to remain content and loyal.

To sum up, the beasts in Kenshi have various dietary preferences and requirements. Understanding these preferences is crucial for keeping them content and maximizing their potential. Whether it is providing a steady supply of meat for carnivorous beasts or cultivating a range of vegetation for herbivorous ones, catering to their dietary needs is essential for their survival and your success in the harsh world of Kenshi. Mastering the art of feeding these beasts will not only ensure their loyalty but also give you a powerful advantage in the unforgiving world of Kenshi.

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Is there a specific diet or feeding routine for beasts in Kenshi?

Packing Guide: Meeting The Dietary Needs Of Beasts In Kenshi (5)
Source: Game Rant

Beasts are a crucial part of survival in the post-apocalyptic world of Kenshi. These creatures serve as pack animals, guards, and even mounts. To ensure their optimal performance, it is important to provide them with the right diet and feeding routine. In this article, we will explore the various factors to consider and outline a step-by-step guide to feeding beasts in Kenshi.

Understanding the Nutritional Needs:

Like humans, beasts require a balanced diet to maintain their health and ensure proper growth. The nutritional needs of beasts depend on their species, size, and activity level. It is vital to understand the specific dietary requirements of the beast you own or plan to acquire.

Feed Variety:

Providing a variety of food sources is essential to meet the nutritional needs of beasts. In Kenshi, beasts can consume a range of substances, including raw meat, vegetables, and even processed food items. Offering different types of food ensures a well-rounded diet for your beasts.

Finding Food Sources:

In Kenshi, there are several ways to obtain food for your beasts. You can hunt wild animals, forage for edible plants, or purchase food from traders in settlements. It is advisable to keep a stockpile of food in your base or outpost to ensure a steady supply for your beasts.

Feeding Routine:

Establishing a feeding routine is crucial to maintain the health and performance of your beasts. Feeding them regularly helps to prevent hunger and keeps them satisfied. Depending on the species and size of the beast, feeding once or twice a day may be sufficient. It is important to consider their activity level and adjust the feeding schedule accordingly.

Supplementing with Treats:

Occasional treats can be beneficial for beasts as rewards or to provide additional nutrients. These treats can include cooked meat, nutritional supplements, or specially prepared meals. However, it is important to use treats in moderation to avoid overfeeding or causing digestive issues.


Beasts, like humans, need access to clean water for hydration. Ensure that your beasts have access to fresh water at all times. In Kenshi, you can set up water barrels or use rainwater collectors to provide a constant water supply.

Monitoring and Adjusting:

Regularly monitor the health and performance of your beasts. If you notice any signs of malnutrition, such as weight loss or decreased stamina, reevaluate their diet and feeding routine. Adjust the food types and quantities as needed to ensure they are receiving the necessary nutrients.

In conclusion, providing the right diet and feeding routine for beasts in Kenshi is crucial for their overall health and performance. Understanding the nutritional needs, offering a variety of food sources, establishing a feeding routine, and monitoring their health are essential steps in ensuring their well-being. By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your beasts are well-fed and ready to assist you in your adventures in the world of Kenshi.

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Are there any unique treats or snacks specifically made for beasts in Kenshi?

Packing Guide: Meeting The Dietary Needs Of Beasts In Kenshi (7)
Source: The Rose Table

Kenshi, the popular post-apocalyptic open-world game, offers players the opportunity to not only explore a vast world, but also manage various aspects of survival. One key aspect is taking care of and training beasts. These creatures can prove to be invaluable allies in the harsh wasteland of Kenshi. So, are there any unique treats or snacks specifically made for beasts to aid in their growth and development?

The answer is yes! Kenshi features a variety of treats and snacks designed specifically for beasts. These items provide nutritional benefits and can even enhance a beast's abilities. Let's take a closer look at some of the unique treats and snacks available in Kenshi:

  • Meatwraps: These delicious snacks are made from dried and seasoned meat. They are an excellent source of protein and are loved by beasts. Meatwraps can provide a significant boost to a beast's strength and stamina, making them ideal for combat situations.
  • Feral Feast: This special treat is made from a combination of dried meat, herbs, and berries. Feral Feast not only provides essential nutrients but also boosts a beast's dexterity and agility. It is particularly useful for Beak Things and other fast-moving creatures.
  • Bark Biscuits: As the name suggests, this treat is made from ground-up tree bark. While it may not sound appetizing to humans, beasts absolutely love the taste. Bark Biscuits can improve a beast's toughness and resilience, making them more resistant to damage during battles.
  • Nutritional Nuggets: These small, highly concentrated treats are packed with essential vitamins and minerals. Nutritional Nuggets can enhance a beast's overall health and vitality. They are particularly useful for beasts recovering from injuries or in need of a general health boost.
  • Savage Snacks: These meat-filled snacks are a favorite among predators like the Beak Thing and Wild Garru. Savage Snacks provide a temporary increase in a beast's attack power, enabling them to deal more damage to their enemies.

It is worth mentioning that these treats and snacks can be found in various locations throughout Kenshi. They can be purchased from traders or crafted using the appropriate recipes. Additionally, some factions or settlements may offer unique treats tailored specifically for their beasts.

In conclusion, Kenshi offers a range of unique treats and snacks specially made for beasts. These items provide nutritional benefits and can enhance a beast's abilities in combat. Whether you're looking to improve a beast's strength, agility, or overall health, there is likely a treat or snack available to meet your needs. So, stock up on these delicious treats and give your beasts that extra edge they need to survive the harsh wasteland of Kenshi.

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Do different species of beasts have different dietary requirements in Kenshi?

Packing Guide: Meeting The Dietary Needs Of Beasts In Kenshi (9)
Source: Steam Community

In the world of Kenshi, a popular post-apocalyptic role-playing game, players are tasked with surviving and thriving in a harsh and unforgiving desert landscape. One key aspect of the game is the taming and training of beasts to aid in the player's journey. However, the question arises: do different species of beasts have different dietary requirements?

The answer is a resounding yes. Just like in the real world, different species of animals in Kenshi have varying dietary needs. For example, herbivorous species such as bonedogs and bulls primarily require plant-based food to sustain themselves. This can include various types of crops such as wheatstraw or greenfruit. It is important for players to ensure a steady supply of these food sources to keep their herbivorous companions happy and healthy.

On the other hand, carnivorous beasts like the pack bull and the garru have a different set of dietary requirements. These animals thrive on a diet of raw meat, which can be obtained from hunting creatures such as goats, bone dogs, or beak things. It is crucial for players to regularly feed their carnivorous beasts with an ample supply of raw meat to maintain their strength and loyalty.

Additionally, beasts in Kenshi can also have specific dietary preferences within their broader food categories. For example, bulls have a strong preference for raw vegetables and will prioritize eating them over other food types. This means that players will need to provide a balanced diet consisting of the preferred food types to ensure the maximum health and productivity of their bulls.

It's worth noting that players can also supplement their beasts' diets with various food items found throughout the game world. Fruits, vegetables, and processed food such as bread can provide additional nutrition and variety for their animal companions. These food items can be acquired through farming, looting, or trading with other factions.

In conclusion, different species of beasts in Kenshi indeed have different dietary requirements. Players must take into account the specific needs of each species and provide appropriate sustenance to keep their animals healthy and happy. Whether it's plant-based food for herbivores or raw meat for carnivores, a well-balanced diet is essential for the well-being of these valuable companions in the harsh world of Kenshi. So, be sure to stock up on the necessary food supplies and keep your beasts well-fed for a successful and thriving journey.

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Packing Guide: Meeting The Dietary Needs Of Beasts In Kenshi (10)

How should players prepare and pack food for their beasts in Kenshi?

Packing Guide: Meeting The Dietary Needs Of Beasts In Kenshi (11)
Source: Kenshi Wiki - Fandom

How to Prepare and Pack Food for Beasts in Kenshi

In the popular open-world role-playing game Kenshi, players are tasked with surviving in a harsh and unforgiving post-apocalyptic wasteland. One aspect of survival is ensuring that your beasts, such as pack bulls or bonedogs, are well-fed to maximize their utility in your adventures. In this article, we will discuss how players can effectively prepare and pack food for their beasts in Kenshi.

Step 1: Understanding Beast Nutrition

Before delving into the specifics of preparing and packing food for beasts, it's crucial to understand their nutritional needs. Different beasts have varying requirements, and Kenshi provides a Nutrition tab in the Beast menu to help players monitor their nutritional status. This tab displays hunger and other factors such as hunger rate, food preferences, and feeding interval.

Step 2: Choosing the Right Food

In Kenshi, beasts can consume a variety of foods, ranging from raw and cooked meat to vegetables and even alcohol. It's essential to select food items that provide adequate nutrition for your beasts. For example, pack bulls have a preference for hay, wheatstraw, and vegetables, whereas bonedogs can consume raw or cooked meat. It is advisable to stock up on a range of food items to accommodate different beasts' preferences.

Step 3: Food Preparation

To prepare food in Kenshi, players need to locate a cooking device such as a stove or a campfire. Upon interacting with the device, a cooking menu will appear, where players can select the desired food items and initiate the cooking process. It is important to note that cooking requires fuel, such as wood or cactus, so players should ensure they have enough fuel reserves to sustain food preparation.

Step 4: Packaging Food

Once food is cooked, it needs to be packaged for easy transportation and preservation. Kenshi provides players with various containers, such as food barrels and food storage bags, to store and carry food. These containers can be purchased from traders or crafted using the appropriate materials. It is advisable to have dedicated storage containers for beast food to keep it separate from human food and avoid any cross-contamination.

Step 5: Feeding Beasts

Feeding beasts in Kenshi is a simple task. Players can access the Beast menu and navigate to the Animal Feeding tab. From there, they can select the desired food items and allocate them to specific beasts or groups of beasts. It is crucial to monitor the hunger levels of beasts regularly and ensure they are adequately fed to maintain their strength and performance.

Example Scenario:

Let's say you have a pack of bonedogs accompanying your group. You would prioritize hunting and gathering raw meat to feed them. After acquiring a sufficient amount of meat, you would need to locate a cooking device, such as a campfire, to cook the meat. Once cooked, you can package the meat in a food storage bag and allocate the portions to your bonedogs through the Animal Feeding tab. Regularly check their hunger levels and replenish their food supply as necessary to ensure their optimal performance.

By following these steps, players can effectively prepare and pack food for their beasts in Kenshi. Proper nutrition is crucial for keeping beasts healthy and maximizing their usefulness in the game. With a well-fed and well-cared-for group of beasts, players can tackle challenges and explore the unforgiving world of Kenshi with confidence.

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Frequently asked questions

In Kenshi, it is important to pack enough food for your beasts to keep them well-fed and healthy. The best option for beast food is Raw Meat, as it provides a good source of nutrition for them. You can either hunt animals yourself or buy the raw meat from traders. It is also recommended to pack some vegetables as a supplement to their diet, such as cacti or greenfruit.

The amount of food you should pack for your beasts in Kenshi depends on the number of beasts you have and the duration of your journey. As a general rule of thumb, it is a good idea to pack at least one or two days' worth of food per beast. This ensures that you have enough food to sustain them until you can find more sources of food, such as hunting or buying from traders. However, it is always better to overpack food than to run out, as hungry beasts can become aggressive and pose a danger to your party.

While raw meat is the recommended food for beasts in Kenshi, there are some alternative options you can consider if you run out or want to diversify their diet. You can feed them cooked meat, which can be obtained by processing raw meat in a campfire or oven. Additionally, you can feed them other types of food such as Raw Fish or Animal Skins, although these may not be as nutritious as raw meat. Overall, it is important to prioritize raw meat as the main source of food for your beasts, but you can experiment with other options if necessary.

Packing Guide: Meeting The Dietary Needs Of Beasts In Kenshi (2024)


What to feed pack beast kenshi? ›

Pack Beasts are tamed Garrus used in Trade Caravans for Nomads, Traders Guild and the Western Hive to haul supplies and materials wearing Garru Backpacks. They also double as sturdy guards against the harsh residents of the world. They are able to eat any kind of edible food, including Foul Raw Meat.

How do you keep Kenshi animals fed? ›

Cooked Meat, Raw meat or Foul Meat. Put in feeder or any animal backpack or fellow squad backpack. You can also throw food on ground in front of them. if you have someone wearing a backpack put your food items in the pack and ensure all the animals are in the same squad as this person.

How do you get animals to eat in Kenshi? ›

There is no "Eat" command to select; the character will automatically eat food in their possession when they become hungry enough. Similarly, when a bonedog becomes hungry, it will automatically eat qualifying food from the backpack of a nearby party member.

What does garru eat kenshi? ›

Originally posted by Ghost Lukas: Meat until they get fix for like wheat or greenfruit. Fresh or rotten will work and also it should say in the tool tip if you hover over those two meats.

How do you keep squad fed in Kenshi? ›

Your character simply needs food in his inventory in order to stay fed. Food in a backpack will be shared among the squad members. Food consists of all the items in Kenshi which fill your hunger bar.

Are pack bulls good in Kenshi? ›

Pack Bulls spawn with a Bull Backpack. Pack Bulls are allowed to keep their horns unlike the Domesticated Bulls, which give them a massive damage advantage in combat compared to their hornless comrades. This may mean that they are selected for their role as pack animals from a very young age.

Do animals get older in Kenshi? ›

All animals have 4 stages of growth: puppy, teenager, adult, elderly. They cannot die of old age. A puppy and a teenager are smaller and weaker than an adult, but also eat less than an adult. The elderly differ from the adult in their larger size and appetite, but they are also more tenacious.

How fast do animals age in Kenshi? ›

Teen (0.40x)16 days
Adult (0.60x)24 days
Elder (1.10x)44 days
The Statistics here are taken from FCS. Players should be aware that animal characters level up as they grow, and may be stronger or weaker depending on their current age.
10 more rows

How do you manage animal feed? ›

Ration should include palatable and digestible feedstuffs so as to ensure optimum feed intake and maximum nutrient availability. as they may reduce the nutrient availability leading to health disorders, Ration should satisfy the total dry matter requirement of an animal based on weight.

What are goats used for in Kenshi? ›

Goats are Herbivores that roam the map, usually in groups of around 8. They can be knocked unconscious or killed for their Raw Meat and Animal Skin.

Can animals eat foul raw meat Kenshi? ›

Foul Raw Meat is a food item which can be gathered from many Animals and the humanoid Fishmen. It is edible for Hive characters (except for Hive Princes) and Domesticated Animals. It can also be added to the Animal Feeder.

Where is the best source of meat in Kenshi? ›

The safest way to acquire meat is by hunting swamp turtles in the South Wetlands, though weaker unit should be escorted by 30s characters to deal with the other dangers.

What can hivers eat Kenshi? ›

Most Hivers are capable of consuming Raw Meat and Foul Raw Meat, Hive Princes being the exception as they cannot eat the Foul Raw Meat. This means that they can easily find food as long as there is fauna nearby.

How to get pack animals in Kenshi? ›

The primary faction to purchase animals from is the Nomads. The nomads can consistently be found in their two towns, Settled Nomads and Settled Nomad Village. They can also potentially spawn Merchant Nomads in many zones. These merchants sell Goats, Pack Beasts, Bonedogs, Pack Bulls, and Wild Bulls.

Do skeletons eat Kenshi? ›

Skeleton is a Race in Kenshi. It is a subrace of Skeleton and the primary race for Skeleton Playable Characters. Skeletons do not need to eat, making these characters great for Outpost defense.

What do Hivers eat in Kenshi? ›

Most Hivers are capable of consuming Raw Meat and Foul Raw Meat, Hive Princes being the exception as they cannot eat the Foul Raw Meat. This means that they can easily find food as long as there is fauna nearby.

How do you feed crabs in Kenshi? ›

How do i feed my crab? Put it in the same squad as someone with a backpack, put food in backpack. You can also drop the food, they will eat from the ground (like all animals do).

How do you feed prisoners in Kenshi? ›

Unless there's a method I'm not aware of, you can loot them and put food in their storage which they will automatically eat. So if you're worried you won't be back for a while just put a backpack on them and stuff it with food cubes. Hope that's sufficient!


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